Privacy Policy

Anyone visiting (“the user”) shall consent to the following Privacy Policies which describe the user’s obligations when using these services. The user should read them carefully and be sure that he/she understands and agrees with the following privacy policy:

1. Privacy Policy :-

1.1 Please note that we respect your right to financial privacy. The information requested above will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties for any purpose, except when it is specifically required to do so by a lawfully executed court order or by other legal acts. This information will not be provided to third parties for marketing or any other purposes. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

1.2 Electronic payment systems are exclusively responsible for the monetary funds entrusted to them by the Customers. is not a party to the agreement between an Electronic payment system and its Customers, and is by no means responsible for misuse or abuse of the corresponding system as well as for functional abuse of this system by the Customer.
Mutual rights and duties of the Customer and electronic payment systems are regulated by the rules and agreements accepted in the corresponding electronic payment system.

1.3 The third party payments are not accepted. Customer who places the order on the website has to pay for this order by him/herself. It is not allowed to have the other person send funds from their money transfers.

1.4 The services offered by are not intended for use and are not available in the countries where it is illegal. The Customer is fully responsible for the local law observance.

1.5 If modification of the offered products or services by as well as usage/access rules require Customer confirmation, will send the Customer the appropriate notification 3 days before these modifications take effect. Up to the moment the Customer confirms the mentioned modifications, reserves a right to suspend service rendering to the Customer.

1.6 Payment details which are given to verified users for buy orders are private. Users are not allowed to disclose payment details which were received on our service. In case of private information is disclosed, administration will contact proper authorities for taking required actions.